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Kinari Bazar

Kinari Bazaar Agra is one of the popular shopping destinations in the city. It is located in the north west of Agra Fort. The market is most famous for jewellery and Bridal wear. Bridal wear like sherwanis, veils, cholis and lehangas are especially available here. The bazaar is closed on Sundays but opened on all other days from morning 11 am to evening at around 6 pm, and is a great place to shop, especially if your are fond of jewellery or planning for a marriage. There are a huge number of wholesale and retail shops in Kinari Bazaar, Agra. The shops are popular for offering everything related to wedding. The shops and stores herer offer large stocks of elements related to wedding. You can buy exclusive and high quality stocks of bridal jewelries such as choora, sehra, turban for groom, garlands crafted from from gold and silver, and a wide variety of wedding ceremony accessories.

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