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Burma Bazaar

Shopping in Chennai is fun especially if you head straight to the main Burma Bazaar. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it is a popular market located in Parry’s Corner of Chennai. It was established way back in the year 1969 and located outside of railway station Chennai. Burma Bazaar is strictly for those who love shopping. Shopaholics would go crazy to see over hundreds of shops stretching beautifully on two sides of road. The name of the Bazaar is so because it is solely run by Burmese immigrants. These individuals have fled Myanmar during sixties. Here, you would get a huge variety of things suited for the entire family. Since the bazaar is home to a huge collection of imported goods, it is frequented by both tourists and natives alike. Right from high quality electronic goods to clothes, perfumes, readymade gadgets, stationery, toys, and household items, you will get everything here at affordable prices. The best thing about shopping here is that the high quality imported goods and services are available at affordable prices. Make sure you bargain well to get the best price. This means you must buy the products less than the prices quoted by the shopkeepers. How to Reach It is not difficult to reach the popular Burma Bazaar. All local and private transport modes will take you to the Bazaar.

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