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Navagraha Temple Tour Package

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Trip Duration
2 Day's / 1 Nights

Package Description

Are you the one who follows astrology closely and is always eager to know more? You should visit Tamil Nadu. Go on a vacation cum tour to gain knowledge of your favourite subject. According to Indian astrology, the planetary positions of the nine planets in a geocentric orbit decides the way an individual will live, progress, epitomize one’s life to others, before he is no more. The word Nava means nine and Graha means planet. In Tamil Nadu you will find nine temples representing each planet. All of them are located within 60km radius around Thanjavur and Kumbakonam districts. You will also find that these temples are closely placed, only here in Tamil Nadu. They are Suryanar Koil (surya), Tingaloor Koil (Chandra), Vaitheswaran Koi (chevaai), Tiruvenkadu (Budhan), Alangudi (Guru), Kanchanoor (Shukran), Tirunallar (Shani), Tirunageswharan (rahu) and Keezhperumpallam (ketu). Enjoy your tour of all the nine temples and get to know more about the planet and its implications.

1 Night & 2 Days Navagraha Temple Tour Package.


  • Hotel
  • Car
  • Food


  • Sightseeing
  • Flight
  • Train

#1 Day

Kumbakonam- Navagragha Tour Phase 1 7.00 AM- Proceed to Kumbakonam A)Tiruvalangadu (Budhan) B)Keelperumpallam ( Kedhu) C)Thirunallar (Sani) D)Thirunageswaram (Raghu) E)Alangudi Overnight stay at a hotel at Kumbakonam.

#2 Day

Navagragha Tour Phase 2 7.00 AM –A)Thingalur(Chandran) B)Surayanar Koil (Suriyan) C) Kanchanur (Sukkaran) D(Vaitheeswaran koil (Sevvai) – Proceed To Chennai

DO’s and Don’ts

Buy ticket, valuables, and fares from authorised agents only.
Wear comfortable clothing while moving around a city, town, and local markets.
Report suspicious activities to the local police without delay.
Keep track of all local and international news to be aware of criminal activities and other problems.
Always respect the cultural and religious values of locals.
Don’t accept anything to eat and drink from strangers.
Don’t speak to strangers or disclose much about whereabouts.
Don’t indulge in cut fruits, vegetables, and eat street food.
Don’t drink tap water or buy bottles that aren’t sealed properly.
Don’t hitchhike. This may put your life in danger.

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