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Fashion Tour of Mumbai

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Explore the fashion capital of India with this comprehensive 10-hour tour of Mumbai’s boutiques, showrooms, markets, and factories. Learn about the history and development of Indian fashion and textile production, from its influences to those it inspired.


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#1 Day

Discover the fashion capital of India with this absorbing tour of Mumbai’s trendiest districts, boutiques and showrooms, and its renowned textile industry.India has a rich history of textile production, and the country’s weaving styles are world-renowned. Silk and cotton were woven into various designs and motifs, with each region developing its own distinct style and technique.Western clothing made its foray into Indian society at the time of the British Raj, and was quickly adopted by many Indian professionals. By the turn of the 21st century, both Western and traditional Indian styles had intermingled to create something unique.

On this tour you’ll learn about the history and development of India’s fashions and weaving techniques, with visits to the showrooms and boutiques of many leading designers. You’ll discover how Indian styles have influenced, and been influenced by, global fashion. You’ll learn about the roles played in the industry by the government and foreign investors. Of course you’ll also have the opportunity to shop!

DO’s and Don’ts

Keep photo copy of your passport and credit cards in separate wallets.
Wear comfortable clothing.
Pack all necessary medications with prescriptions with your luggage
Mark the bags carefully with your details including name and address.
Keep your family and friends informed about your travel details.
Don’t overindulge in street food. Less is always more.
Don’t carry loads of cash unnecessary on a tour. Travel checks are the best option.
Don’t accept drugs or medications from a local or stranger.
Don’t indulge in activities that make you feel uncomfortable.
Don’t reach late for an event. You may be at loss.

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