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Studio Tour with Dance Show

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Mumbai can be called a home of the Hindi Film Industry in India and it has a long tradition in making of movies. Wouldn’t you like to get drenched in the excitement and passion and have a peep into the making of the films? Yes of course, and to achieve this, you will have to visit some of the best and biggest studios in Mumbai that are constantly bubbling with a lot of film making activities. You will be brought face to face with the process that goes in to bringing a film to life. This includes, editing and dubbing. All this takes place, at the film studios thoroughly equipped to carry out all the technicalities that are involved for this purpose. It can be quite exciting, to watch your favourite star right there in front of your eyes, and observe the amount of effort and excellency the star puts forth, as the camera rolls. It can be even more exciting to watch a dance show that is based on the film’s music. As you know, music and dance play a major part in our films. You should be a part of the audience to watch one of these dance shows and this tour will let you have the opportunity. These dances may be traditional, western or a combination of both. The present day Bollywood dances have seen a lot of evolution. They portray a lot of energetic style. These dances are carried out by professional dancers on songs from Bollywood movies. Tour Das are the best in showing you around Mumbai’s Bollywood world, you should opt for them.

One Day Studio Tour Package with Dance Show.


  • Car


  • Hotel
  • Sightseeing
  • Food
  • Flight
  • Train

#1 Day

Arrive at Bollywood Museum where you will get a glimpse of famous Bollywood actor’s posters and photographs and then you will be escorted to an air- conditioned Dance Hall with decorated stage and music system in Bollywood style.

Welcome Drink on arrival

Watch 3-4 Live Bollywood Dance Shows performed by professional dancers.

Arrival at Shooting Sight

Escorted to a specially created studio

Visit a live shooting set

Watch filming at shooting set

Peek at the behind-the-scenes activities of movie making

See the technicians at work

If possible, look into the star`s makeup rooms

If possible, have your picture taken with a Bollywood actor

Drive past the homes’ of famous stars

Arrival at hotel/Location in Mumbai.

DO’s and Don’ts

Practise courtesy, politeness on the trip.
Wear comfortable clothing while travelling. Your clothes should be appropriate to weather conditions, local customs and the place of travel.
Report suspicious or unsocial activities to the local police right away.
Let your loved ones know your present location and plans.
Confirm about registration and authenticity before hiring a private cab.
Don’t show off money in public.
Don’t carry all money in one bag.
Don’t leave jewellery and valuable in hotel room. Use a locker instead.
Don’t disclose financial status and plans with strangers.
Don’t arrive late for group trips and events.

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