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Bengaluru-Shirdi – Shanishingnapur – Kolhapur Tour

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Trip Duration
4 Day's / 3 Nights

Package Description

Do you know if you opt for this tour, you will be visiting Bengaluru or Bangalore? It is here that you will have a feel of the new face of India, alongside the stunning Victorian-era architecture and beautiful parks. This city in India is renowned for being a hub of IT industry, vying with another city, Mumbai, as India’s most developing city. Despite all the ills that follow development, like traffic congestion and pollution levels, this city has taken care to safeguard its greens and colonial heritage in India. This has led Bengaluru remain unchanged inspite of urbanization. If you travel 122 kms from Nasik you will come upon a place called Shirdi, today an abode of Maharashtra’s most revered Saint Sai Baba, who preached universal brotherhood. There is a temple dedicated to this saint. Pilgrims pour in over to this place throughtout the year. A special puja is conducted on Thursdays. Do you know that according to Hindu legend, God Shani is known to exert more power than even the power of gravity? He holds the element of fear in the minds of the people. Countless devotees visit the Shri Shaneswar Devasthan Shanishingnapur, in Ahmednagar District. The miracles that take place here have made their way to the Guinness book of World Records. God Shani is said to occupy the seventh place of the nine constellations that controls the world. And the planets are said to control the five elements that constitute our bodies. There is a legend that reveals that a shepherd boy, who saw Lord Shanaishwara in his dream, was told to perform a pooja every Saturday without fail, and promised him, that the whole village will never have to fear from dacoits and thieves. Till date when you visit this place, you will observe that the houses have no doors nor do they lock their place. The one who dares to steal goes through a lot of suffering. You will have to make it to the Mahalaxmi Temple in Kolhapur before you wind up this tour. Visiting these holy places should make it a perfect pilgrimage tour in India

A 4 day temple tour of Shirdi (Shirdi Sai Temple), Shanishingnapur & Kolhapur MahaLaxmi temple.


  • Hotel
  • Car
  • Food


  • Sightseeing
  • Flight
  • Train

#1 Day

05.30 am Arrival at Shirdi. Full day at Shirdi & Night Halt.

#2 Day

08.00 am Departure to Shanishingnapur.10.00 am Visit Shanishingnapur Temple

11.00 am depart to Kolhapur.

02.30 pm Visit Kolhapur Temple

04.00 pm Departure to Bangalore

#3 Day

12.00 pm Departure to Shirdi by Coach.

#4 Day

06.00 am Arrival at Bangalore. Tour ends.

DO’s and Don’ts

Make friends wisely while travelling.
Keep an eye on your luggage everywhere and always.
Carry medications only with prescriptions approved by medical practitioners.
Keep an eye on your child’s toys and luggage always to avoid notorious elements slipping drugs or other illegal stuff inside.
Always be on time at public transport places and events.
Don’t reach late for an event as the authorities will not be responsible for your loss.
Don’t speak to strangers.
Say no to those who make you feel uncomfortable.
Don’t travel all alone late at night.
Hitchhiking or crossing borders is a strict no-no.

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