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Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Package

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9 Day's / 8 Nights

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Are you a follower of Buddhism or if you are interested in knowing more on Buddhism, you should visit the spots that hold affiliation to this religious order. You should know that Bodhgaya is the most important and considered to be highly sacred Buddhist pilgrimage place in the world. It is under a Bodhi Tree here that Gautama Buddha got Enlightened. Bihar is a state where Buddhism was born. Even the name Bihar has originated from ‘Vihara’, that means monasteries. It was in Bihar that Buddha preached simplicity, renunciation and empathy for everything, by setting an example through his lifestyle. The Mahabhodi Temple was built during the Gupta Era and has a Bodhi tree. The present Bodhi tree is the fifth succession of the original tree. Vajrasana is the seat where Buddha sat in meditation under the Bodhi tree. It is Ratnagarh where Buddha spent a week and five colours came out of his body. You find during cooler months both Indian as well as International pilgrims throng to this temple offering prayers in multitude languages. This site has been a source of inspiration to those seeking possibility of getting enlightenment, even in this modern world.


  • Hotel
  • Car
  • Food


  • Sightseeing
  • Flight
  • Train

#1 Day


You will arrive today at Varanasi airport. Upon arrival, our representative will meet you as you exit the arrivals terminal building after which you would be transferred to your hotel.

Upon arrival at the hotel, you will be accorded with a Traditional Welcome. The warmth of Indian hospitality and the custom of welcoming guests are as old as time itself. As you step into the hotel, ladies in traditional local costumes greet you with garlands of flowers and perform the "aarti" ceremony. After having your forehead anointed with the traditional red "tikka", relax with a non-alcoholic welcome drink.

After the welcoming ceremony proceed to check-in to your rooms (Rooms will be available from 1400hrs).

Varanasi, the 'eternal city', and Hinduism's most important city, located on the banks of the sacred River Ganges, has been the center of learning & civilization for over two thousand years.

Meal Plan: No Meal

#2 Day


Very early in the morning you will take a boat ride along the bathing ghats on the Holy River Ganges. At sunrise the Hindu faithful flock to the river to cleanse themselves of their sins. You see the cremation ghats and the Deswameedha ghats. To die in Varanasi is to end the Hindu cycle of re-birth, thereby making it a popular place to end one's life. After sunrise you will visit some of the temples in the surrounding area.

After buffet breakfast at the hotel, visit "Bharat Kala Bhavan" which lies within the sprawling grounds of Banaras Hindu University

In the afternoon, you will proceed for an excursion to Sarnath, a major Buddhist center in the world. After achieving enlightenment at Bodhgaya, Buddha, the 'Awakened One', delivered his first sermon here.

Evening proceed to witness the Aarti ceremony on Ganges.

#3 Day

VARANASI - BODHGAYA By Surface: (265 KM 5 HRS)

Morning after breakfast at the Hotel, transfer to Bodhgaya. Bodhgaya is the place where Buddha attained enlightenment, and the most important Buddhist pilgrimage site in the world. You will have a full day tour of the area as we follow in the steps of the Buddha. In this large working Buddhist center, you will see the descendent of bodhi tree under the Buddha sat.

Meal Plan: Breakfast

#4 Day


After Breakfast drive to Vaishali, enroute sightseeing of Nalanda & Rajgir. Rajgir -The picturesque Rajgir, or Rajagriha as it was known in the past (literally, the abode of kings) is surrounded by the meandering river Banganga and 5 hills. During the lifetime of the Buddha this was the capital of the powerful Magadhan kingdom, ruled by the virtuous King Bimbisara. The hills and caves surrounding Rajagriha were home to spiritual teachers, ranging from the materialism of the early Charavaka school to the metaphysics of Upanishadic philosophers. Like many others in search of truth, Prince Siddhartha, after he renounced his royal heritage came to this city to seek the path of vation. Nalanda -Nalanda was the most renowned university in ancient India. It derived its name from Na-alam-da, meaning Insatiable in Giving, one of the names by which the Lord Buddha was known.

Meal Plan: Breakfast

#5 Day

PATNA - VAISHALI By Surface (2 HRS 70 KM) - KUSHINAGAR (4 HRS 200 KM )

After breakfast drive to Vishali.

Visit Vaishali - Ashoka pillar Monkey Tank & Ruins of Buddha, Original Relic Stupa . Again Drive to Kushinagar, where the Buddha finally attained Mahaparmirvana. Amongst the ruins are the Mukutbandhan Stupa and a beautiful statue of the reclining Buddha. Arrive Kushinagar & transfer to hotel. Visit the Mahaparinirvana Temple & Stupas, Matha Kunwar.

Meal Plan: Breakfast

#6 Day

KUSHINAGAR - LUMBINI By Surface :(4 HRS 180 KM )

After breakfast visit the Mahaparinirvana Temple & Stupas , later drive to Lumbini & transfer to hotel. Lumbini - the birthplace of the Buddha, was located in 1890 after being untraced for 1,500 years. Evening sightseeing tour of Lumbini including a visit to the birth Place of Lord Buddha. Night stay in Lumbini.

Meal Plan: Breakfast

#7 Day

LUMBINI - SRAVASTI By Surface: ( 6 HRS 245 KM )

After breakfast drive to Sravasti - the capital of the ancient kingdom of Kosala, has the honour for sheltering Buddha for 24 rainy seasons in the Jetvana Gardens. The city believed to be founded by the mythological king Sravast, has age-old stupas, majestic monasteries and several temples. Buddha is said to have performed some miracles here. In Sravasti visit Saheth - Maheth & Jetvan. Night stay in Sravasti .

Meal Plan: Breakfast

#8 Day

SRAVASTI - VARANASI By Surface: (9 HRS 350 KM )

After breakfast drive to Varanasi. Transfer to Hotel. Evening at leisure for independent activities.

Meal Plan: Breakfast

#9 Day


Post breakfast, transfer to the airport to board your homebound flight.

DO’s and Don’ts

Create photo copies of your passport and credit cards and store them in separate wallets.
Pack medications with their approved prescriptions in their original containers.
Keep in touch with friends and family about your plans and present location.
Tag your bags with name, phone numbers and address (both official and residential).
Always check with authorities before hiring a private cab.

Don’t accept anything to eat or drink from strangers.
Don’t agree to meet strangers or newly met people at unfamiliar undisclosed places.
Don’t eat street food or cut fruits and vegetables.
Women should avoid travelling alone late at night.
Don’t hitchhike on a trip. This might be very dangerous.

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