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Sidi Bashir Mosque

Sidi Bashir Mosque is located in the Ahmedabad city of Gujarat state in India. The unique and out of the box construction of this mosque fetched it the name – Jhulta Minar or Shaking Minarets. Actually, it is the minarets of this mosque referred to as the Shaking Minarets. The precise location of this mosque is near the Sarangpur Gate and around a kilometer and a half towards southern part of Ahmedabad railway station. The unique design of gate results in shaking of all minarets upon shaking of any one of them. The Unique Minarets The mosque is mainlyy known for its unique minarets with capability to shake. When one of the minaret shakes, others follow. This unique and strange behavior of minarets was originally observed in the 19th century. An English Sanskrit teacher Monsier M. Williams is said to have noticed it for the first time. The experiment was started by hanging a tiny ball to one of the minarets. So when one of the minaret vibrated, the ball hung on the other minaret also shook. Sidi Bashir Mosque is widely renowned for its unique architectural marvel. It holds great historial significance and is considered a prime tourist spot in the state of Gujarat. Each minaret has 3 storeys carved intriately and equipped with balanced stone balconies. These balconies border the minarets of each storey. The shaking minarets of mosque are around 21.34 meters in height. The Builder and its Mystery This mosque is named after Sidi Bashir. He was a favourite slave of Sultan Ahmad Shah I. It is believed that Malik Sarang built this mosque. He wa a noble from the court of Sultan Mahmud Shah Begada. Born as a Rajput Hindu, Malik Sarang converted to Islam as he got inspired by his Sultan. Later on, he was crowned as the Governor of Ahmedabad under the rule of Muzaffar Shah II. Hence, the minarets are also known as Siddi Bashir Minars. It is said that the unique minarets of mosque are not in a healthy condition. In a bid to know the secret behind shaking and vibration in the minarets, the British dismantled them. However, they couldn’t find any logical reason behind the shaking. Later on, after repeated trials, it wasn’t really possible for them to restore the monument in its original condition. Presently, no experiments or demonstrations are undertaken to know the secret behind vibration of minaret. How to Reach The mosque is accessible by road, rail, and air. So the tourists can reach here by road and the main railway station of Kalupur area in Ahemdabad. The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel airport of Ahmedabad is an international airport. To visit the mosque, one can take any of the numerous domestic flights operational from the airport.

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