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Teen Darwaza

Teen Darwaza situated in Ahmedabad is a beautiful structure and a prominent architectural marvel. The beauty of this monument is simply mesmerising. One look at this place will leave any onlooker awestruck. Teen Darwaza comprises of exquisite arched and amazingly built gates, which is also one of the longest and oldest gateways existing in the city of Ahmedabad. Established way back in the year 141 A.D., Teen Darwaza was built by founder of Ahemdabad, Sultan Ahmed Shah. The precise location of the historical monument is right adjacent to the popular Bhadra fort. It is intricately carved by skilled artisans famous for their work of art in that era. In the earlier years, the Darwaza served as an entrance point to Royal Square located at the Bhadra Fort. Jahangir, the great Mughal emperor of that era used to visit the site with his beautiful wife Noorjahan with an aim to have a look at the famous procession. It started from this magnanimous gateway and continued till Jama Masjid. All of the pillars and walls of Teen Darwaza are exquisitely designed by expert artisans of that era. Visitors to Ahemdabad city must come and have a close look at the majestic structure. It currently serves as the epitome of the fine Islamic architecture. The beautiful monument is home to stylish windows in semi circular shape. These windows are embellished with eye catching mesh work. The central window of this monument depicts the tree of life. There are five palm trees depicted as beautifully enveloped with snakes. Interestingly, the portrayal also serves as the prominent symbol of Gujarat Government. The royal citadel known as Teen Darwaza is also one of the most sought after tourist spots in the city of Ahmedabad among national and international tourists. When in Ahemdabad, you must pay a visit to this beautifully constructed monument.

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