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The magnificent tomb of Akbar is situated at Sikandara around 14 kms from grand monument Taj Mahal. It starts from a beautiful gateway of beautifully carved stones at the right side that opens into a well maintained garden. Towards the end exists a building of four storeys which is home to cenotaph of Akbar The Great. The construction of this gateway was started by Akbar. Since he could not finish off the construction during his lifetimme, Jahangir, his son completed the building integrating his own mesmerising architectural style. According to the belief of some historians, Jahangir demolished the structure completely before completing it. The head of this beautiful tomb moves high towards the rising sun. This is quite contrary to the archtypal Muslim architecture wherein the tomb is usually directed towards Mecca. Upon entering the complex from the main highway, a magnanimous gateway stands tall welcoming visitors to the Akbar’s Tomb. Bordered by a high wall with an imposing gateway measuring 70 feet high, the complex looks simply amazing. Western part of gateway is inscribed with Persian verses stating the accomplishment of site by the Emperor Jahangir in 1613 A.D. The main mausoleum is carved exquisitely and a five-storey red sandstone building with an upper chamber constructed of white marble. A rich ornamented stucco work is located in the interiors of chamber embellished with intricate calligraphy and carvings in blue and gold hues. There are smaller chambers built around the central chamber. These have tombs of Akbar’s two daughters and a son of Shah Alam. After crossing the burial chamber, you may progress to the bautiful surroundings in the premises. The place is peaceful and serene. The garden situated around the tomb of Akbar is breathtaking. Visitors simply love the architecture and design of the tomb. One of the best things about this place is its crowd. The place remains less crowded adding to the serenity and beauty of the place. So visitors can relish in the company of monkeys, antelopes, and beautiful peacocks. The Tomb of the Akbar is reverred as a precious gem situated in the historical city of Agra. Visiting the tomb will be a great tribute to the great emperor. Interestingly, the wise emperor could not read or write but was widely celebrated for holding the fantastic vision of several learned emperors together. Once here, you would be mesmerised by the amazing architectural beauty of the complex. Also the natural beauty this tomb is surrounded by attracts many thousands of visitors from across the globe. This is definitely a wonderful place to visit in Agra. Indian visitors must pay INR 15 for entry. International tourists are supposed to pay INR 100 per entry. For children up to 15 years, the entry is no free. This monnument is open from morning till evening.

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