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Soneri Mahal

Sonehri Mahal is one of the most popular tourist site. The palace was built by Bundela King during Mughal period. It is situated conveniently near the foothill of Aurangabad Caves (left wing). The name of this palace came from the beautiful golden paintings it is adorned with. Entire building is constructed from lime and stone. It also has a high colonnade. Soneri is a two-storeyed buildin with ample space built in traditional Rajput style. Presently, the old historic monument is beautifully converted into a museum. It is home to a huge variety of traditional dresses, exquisite pottery, and various remains of palaces. Visitors can also have a close look at the antiques from ancient era. This museum displays sculptures from local excavations. It is quite interesting to have a look at the items used man centuries ago. Soneri Mahal holds great value for Indian tourism. The enchanting backdrop of the Satara mountain range adds to the beauty and makes it a much desired site for tourists. The wild luxuriant meadows add to the overall grandeur of this palace. The palace was the official residence of Paharsingh, the Bundelkhand chief. The expenses incurred for construction of the palace was around 50,000 rupees in the year 1652. Soneri Mahal has an entrance which is dominated by a highly impressive and dominating gateway. It also has an arched compound wall. Soneri Mahal has pillared front and several rooms resting at the building’s back. The upper levels of palace can be accessed by two narrow staircases. A small museum dedicated to Aurangabad and Indian history is built on first floor. It comprises of 9 galleries exhibiting many antiquities. Presently, the Soneri Mahal is a protected property. It is a must visit for all tourists looking forward to know more about Aurangabad and its grandeur. The palace is easily accessible by air, bus, car, and train.

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