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Ghrishneshwar Temple

Grishneshwar Temple is located in Aurangabad. It is the most revered ancient pilgrimage site serving as residence of one of the twelve Jyotirlinga manifestation of the Lord of Lords, Shiva. The shrine of Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga is situated at a small picturesque village referred to as Verul. The village lies at around 20 km from Daulatabad (situated near Aurangabad city in Maharashtra state). It is situated very close to Daulatabad known for attractions; Ajanta – Ellora. Built by Ahilyabhai Holkar, the temple is also celebrated by various other names such as Ghushmeswara, Kusumeswarar, and Grushmeswara. According to a legend behind Grishneshwar Temple, a brahmin named Devagiri lived on a mounttain. His name was Brahmavetta Sudharm. He lived with his wife Sudeha. It is said that the couple did not have a child. Sudeha used to be very depressed. She kept praying and trying many remedies bbut always failed. After sometime, Sudeha convinced her sister Ghushma to get married to her husband. Ghushma made around101 lingas and worshipped them. Later on, she used to discharge the lingas by the lake. Lord Shiva was pleased with this dedication and blessed her with a baby boy. The boon made Ghushma extremely proud and Sudeha felt sad and jealous of her sister. So one day, she killed her son and threw him in the same lake where Ghushma discharge lingas. Next morning Ghushma’s daughter in law saw blood on her busband’s bed and broke down. Ghumsha chanted Shiva Shiva to revive her son. Lord Shiva told her about Sudeha and murder of her child. Ghumsha asked Lord to forgive her. Pleased by the generosity, Lord Shiva asked her one more boon. She asked the lord to reside in the lingas. Adhering to her request, Lord Shiva manifested himself as a Jyotirling and got the name Ghushmeshwar. Later on, the lake was named as Shivalaya. Thereafter, the temple became famous and people from all across the country visit it to get blessings of Lord Shiva.

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