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Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary

When planning a visit to the beautiful city of Aurangabad, Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary should be on your list. It is situated around 60kms from Aurangabad and makes for a super fabulous day out option for adults and children alike. The entire area is constructed of beautiful pristine forest, crystal clear fresh rivers, and huge waterfalls. These sites are best enjoyed with someone to explain you about the amazing flora and fauna considered as a treasure of wildlife sanctuary. The visitors enjoy being encountered with a wide range of unique colourful bird species. Some of the anmals you can get to see here include deer, monkeys, leopards etc. The primary forest existing here is the southern tropical dry deciduous forest. It comprises of many trees deemed as the draught resistant variety such as Khair, Anjan, Dhawada, and many more. The height of tree here is usually less than 10 meters. Hills tops have very sparse vegetation. Most slopes here are beautifully covered with Euphorbia spp. The jungle’s river valleys support all species thriving in moist regions. Chandan and Arjun valleys of the area is known for diversified vegetation. Some of the main varieties of faunna found here include : Mammals – Barking deer Wolf Nilgai Wild boar Jungle cat Monkey Civet cat Chinkara Fox Jackal Langoor Leopard Bats Sloth bears The vast sanctuary in Aurangabad is home to over 230 unique species of birds. Some of the most renowned ones include : Several species of Waders Spoonbills Pochards Ibis Storks Cranes Peafowl is the major species here. It is known to be the most dominant one. Other ground birds are also found here including patridges, quail, Jugale fowl etc. The main varieties of reptiles found here include cobra, keel backviper, krait, rat snake, python, and many more. This sanctuary is easily accessible to the nearest airport of Aurangabad. One can also move by rail and road. The nearest town for connection is that of Kannad which is around 3 Kms. from the sanctuary.

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